The Supreme Court Rapist

The rape and kidnapping trial of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Part 1

By Christopher A. Baba, an eyewitness to the crimes.

[Editor’s Note-Jan. 15 2024: This is a copy of a letter that I sent to several law-makers and law enforcement officials regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s rape and kidnapping trial. I was a witness and testified at his trial. All of this is true to the best of my knowledge. I will add additional information in the near future. Some names and information have been redacted, and marked as redacted, to protect the integrity of any ongoing investigations.]

From: Christopher Baba

489 Hobnail Ct

Frederick, MD 21703

November 13, 2023


Vice President Kamala Harris

Attorney General Merrick Garland, U.S. Department of Justice

Senator Benjamin Cardin

Senator Chris Van Hollen

FBI Director Christopher Wray

Maryland Attorney General Anthony G. Brown

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Subject: The rape and kidnapping trial of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


I am writing to you because I want to report on a bribery attempt by friends of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to silence witnesses to sexual assaults that he committed in the 1980’s. I was a witness to one of his sexual assaults and I was standing near him when he was arrested for rape and kidnapping and I testified against him at his trial in Montgomery County Maryland.

I was born in 1961 and in the 1980’s I lived with my parents at 19137 Brooke Grove Ct. in Montgomery Village Maryland. In the evenings I liked to ride my bicycle around Lake Whetstone and on nearby bike paths and would often meet up with other boys and young men from the neighborhood to drink beer in the parks.

One of my favorite drinking spots was known as “The Bouncy Bridge” which is a small wooden pedestrian bridge at the north end of Lake Whetstone in Montgomery Village (Gaithersburg MD). Usually we would hang out and drink with up to 8 people before moving elsewhere. Mostly it was people I knew from high school. People would hang out and drink nearly every warm night.

I first met Brett Kavanaugh (who usually went by the name Bart Kavanaugh) and his friends and high school classmates Mark Judge and Tom Kane at one of those drinking get togethers at The Bouncy Bridge. I saw Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge together about 5 to 10 times at The Bouncy Bridge, but I don’t recall ever seeing them anywhere else except for the time when I saw Brett when I testified at his trial. Tom Kane was with the other two less often, perhaps 3 to 6 times.

When I first met Brett, Mark, and Tom they told me they were all high school seniors at Georgetown Prep and at least one of them lived there during the school year. Tom Kane said he had a half sister named “Lara Kane” who lived in Montgomery Village. I knew her as “Laura Kane” (different spelling) and she rode on my school bus that took us to Gaithersburg High School. Mark Judge was in some type of boy-girl relationship with Laura Kane but he refused to call it dating.

Brett, Mark and Tom would often spend weekends or holidays in Montgomery Village (probably at the Kane house) to get away from Georgetown Prep. It was during these times away from school that they would come down to The Bouncy Bridge and drink beers. In one conservation with Brett he said that he had applied and been accepted to go to college at Yale. In a later conversation Brett had told me that he knew [person’s name redacted].

After they finished high school, a few years went by before I saw Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge at the bridge again. Brett said that he loved going to Yale, and Mark said he was writing a book. I don’t recall seeing Tom Kane at this time. At this time Brett Kavanaugh had substantial bruises around both sides of his face which he says were caused by a weight lifting accident. I didn’t believe this because it looked like he was in a severe fist fight.

On the day of the sexual assault, which I now believe to have occurred on August 24 or 25th of 1985, there were about 5 to 10 of us hanging out at The Bouncy Bridge when a young teenage girl rode by on a horse around Lake Whetstone. She looked like she was around 14 to 18 years old. I had never seen anyone else ride a horse around Lake Whetstone. She was wearing a halter top and apparently looked very attractive to Brett Kavanaugh and he wanted to borrow my bike so he could “get her”. I assumed he was talking about flirting but he wasn’t.

I initially refused to lend him my bike because it is very special to me and I didn’t want it to get damaged. (I still have that bike in my garage). He started to grab for my bike and we had a verbal argument about it but he became extremely enraged and he started to get loud and huff and puff and snort. This went on for a while and he started to sort of cry and whined “why are you doing this to me”. He continued to pull on my bike while I was holding to the other end, but I eventually let him borrow it when I realized I would have to get into a physical fight with him if I didn’t say yes. His facial expressions, tone of voice, and other mannerisms were nearly identical to the Brett Kavanaugh I saw on TV at the Senate hearings (on 9-27-2018). Unfortunately, I lent him my bike and he proceeded south along the bike path after the girl on the horse.

While Brett Kavanaugh was gone with my bike, Mark Judge was extremely concerned and told me I shouldn’t have let him take my bike. He said that Brett had a history of pushing girls up against walls and feeling them up under their shirts and pants. At first I thought he was talking about consensual acts, but Mark corrected me and implied that these were non-consensual acts. Mark said that he had to follow Brett around to stop him from doing these things.

More than an hour went by before Brett Kavanaugh rode the bike back from the north. I asked him where he went and he said he followed the girl on the horse to Montgomery Village Junior High (Now called Montgomery Village Middle School) where she was removing the saddle from the horse. He said that he was talking to her and then they started making out. He made it sound like she was a willing participant. Apparently that was not true as a police car with the girl in it came down the bike path and arrested him.

I was the first one to see the police car so I tried to hide the open beers by quickly knocking them off the bridge railing into the water. I told everyone to act cool thinking that this was just a routine patrol, but Brett got extremely nervous and rapidly moved towards a wooded area and hid behind a tree. Out of view of the police officer he was trying to get his friend Mark Judge to leave with him. Mark Judge didn’t leave but Brett Kavanaugh left by walking away extremely quickly. The police officer saw this and ordered them to stop over his loudspeaker. For a few seconds it looked like Brett was going to run away but he didn’t. The police took all of our names and took Brett away in handcuffs and told the rest of us to go home. I believe that this was the last time I saw Mark Judge, but I saw Brett Kavanaugh one more time at his trial.

A few weeks later I was looking at the local crime reports that were printed in our local weekly newspaper, “The Gazette”. (This newspaper printed three different editions in Montgomery County Maryland. The edition I got was commonly referred to as “The Gaithersburg Gazette” but I believe the newspaper called all three editions “The Gazette” and used a smaller font size to indicate “Gaithersburg Edition”) The crime listing stated the date the assault occurred, his age, and said that he followed the girl on the horse to the horse trailer which was parked at Montgomery Village Jr. High School.

I believe the article stated that she was alone when he approached her when she was unsaddling the horse and he pushed her against a wall and kept her from leaving by blocking her path of escape with his arms and body. He then started kissing her and penetrated her body with his fingers under her clothing.

Fortunately, the girl’s mother came by to stop the sexual assault and then Brett rode off with my bike. The newspaper article stated the he was arrested at Lake Whetstone and charged with the sexual assault. I believe the article listed the actual charges as a certain degree of rape and kidnapping (since he physically moved her to a more secluded area and blocked her escape).

I believe the laws regarding rapes and sexual assaults were quite different 35 years ago, as they required a lot more force in order to be charged with a sexual crime. I think that Brett was charged with kidnapping in order to make the other charges stick.

A month or two later I received a phone call from Brett’s lawyer (I don’t remember his name). Up to that time I had only known Brett as “Bart Kavanaugh” and his lawyer told me that his legal name was “Brett” and that “Bart” was just a nickname that he used. The lawyer told me his side of the story and said that it was all consensual and the girls mother just freaked out because she caught her daughter making out with some boy. He asked me some questions about how Brett acted when he returned to the bridge and then he asked me if I was willing to testify in court. I said that I wasn’t at the school and couldn’t say what went on over there, but he suddenly interrupted me and said he was going to send me a subpoena or summons (I’m not sure which one he sent) to be sure I went to court.

A few more months went by and I showed up to the courthouse which was located in a building on Shady Grove Road. At first everyone was waiting outside the courtrooms in a large waiting room. I saw Bret Kavanaugh standing in the waiting room talking to a man. When I approached Brett he pointed me out to his lawyer and his lawyer introduced himself and took me off to a different area of the room so he could talk to me before the trial. He said not to talk to Brett or anyone else before the trial, so I didn’t.

When Brett’s case was called we all entered the small courtroom. The first thing his lawyer did was to request that all the defense witnesses (just me) wait in the waiting room so I couldn’t hear testimony from other people. After about an hour I was called in give my testimony.

I recognized the judge because I had consulted him with when he was lawyer a few years earlier. I asked him if that was a conflict of interest and he said that it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure that the Judge’s name is William McKenna, but I am not 100% sure of that. I answered questions for about 15 minutes and was then told to go back out and wait in the waiting room again.

About another hour went by before everyone came out of the courtroom. Brett looked very sad and depressed so I don’t think it went well for him. I went over to talk to him and he introduced me to his mother, who was standing near him most of the time. I asked him about the verdict and he made a low grunting sound and pointed to his lawyer. His lawyer came closer and said that the judge had ordered everyone in the room to not discuss anything they had seen or heard in the courtroom and for that reason they couldn’t tell me anything. I was dismissed and I left, but the others from the courtroom were still waiting in the waiting room.

A few years after the incident I received some court papers saying there was going to be a hearing in the case and I was confused by it so I called up the court and they told me to call Brett’s attorney, whose name was on the papers, which I did. His attorney (I don’t remember his name) told me that since several years had gone by he was trying to get Brett’s record expunged or sealed or something like that. He said that I didn’t need to come to court unless I wanted to object to the expungement. I didn’t object so I didn’t go to court (it was not mandatory).


Several decades went by before I saw his face again which was when he was on the TV news (in 2018?) after being nominated to be a US Supreme Court Judge. After seeing his face on TV and hearing his name I realized that I knew him, but it took me a while to recall how I knew him.

During the Senate confirmation process some women came forward and claimed that Brett Kavanaugh had either sexually assaulted them or someone they knew. I didn’t know the first woman, Christine Blasey Ford, but I did recognize a phrase that she used – “Potomac House Party”. Bret Kavanaugh had used this phrase several times in our conversations at the Bouncy Bridge and I asked him what that phrase meant. He told me that a “Potomac House Party” was code for going to a party and drugging the drinks so that all the girls would pass out and then they would have sex with their unconscious bodies.

Another woman to come forward about his sexual assaults was Julie Swetnick, who lived within a few hundred yards from my old house, Laura Kane’s house, and the Bouncy Bridge. I believe she lived in a house on a street named “Roman Way” in Montgomery Village (Gaithersburg). I wasn’t friends with her in any substantial way but I knew her from school.

Because of these allegations the US Senate scheduled a second hearing for Brett Kavanaugh before they would vote to confirm him to The Supreme Court. About a week before this second hearing I received a phone call from [person’s name redacted] who now lives in [Address redacted] and knows Brett Kavanaugh. During this phone call [person’s name redacted] said that he heard that I knew Brett Kavanaugh [… redacted… ] and that this was “my lucky day”. He also said that he heard that I knew the Sweatnick girl. (At the time he used a first name for the girl but I can’t recall if it was “Julie”, “Judy”, or some other girl’s name.) [person’s name redacted] seemed to be probing to see how much I remembered and his “lucky day” comment seemed to be an attempt to bribe me.

At the time of this phone call I did not immediately recall many of the details of Brett Kavanaugh’s arrest, and I failed to immediately associate his name with the sexual assault that occurred nearly 40 years earlier, so I told [person’s name redacted] that I didn’t know The Supreme Court nominee and that I didn’t read too much about him in the news. [person’s name redacted] sounded like he was talking to someone else on his end of the phone and then he quickly said something urgent came up and he had to go, so he hung up the phone.

Shortly after this phone call I started to recall more and more facts about these events and was eventually able to recall many more names and dates related to these events.

On August 4, 2018 I wrote a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein describing these events. I sent it electronically to her email server which was posted on her official web site. I suspect she didn’t read it because I got a form letter response saying that they don’t respond to mail from citizens outside of her area of representation (California).

Julie Swetnick was represented by attorney Michael Avenatti, and I wrote him two letters (by email on September 30, 2018 and May 19, 2019) describing these events and saying that he should look into the arrest records either in the Gazette newspaper or the official records. I’m not sure if he received these letters since I only heard back from a guy named Carlos who claimed that he was associated with Michael Avenatti. I don’t remember Carlos’ last name but he sounded very condescending and made fun of the spelling errors in my letters. I suspect that these letters were intercepted by people not associated with Michael Avenatti’s law firm.

Around the same time that [person’s name redacted] made the “lucky day” phone call that I interpreted as a bribery attempt Julie Sweatnick suddenly changed her story. Due to the timing of this change, and the mention of her name during this phone call, I strongly suspect that she was bribed.

Attorney Michael Avenatti was later arrested and is serving a long prison sentence for financial crimes. I strongly suspect that he was targeted for arrest by members of the FBI in order to shut him up and to intimidate me and other witnesses, and for political reasons.

Another alleged witness to Brett Kavanaugh’s crimes is Jeffrey Catalan who initially accused Brett Kavanaugh of raping a “close associate of his” on a boat in August of 1985 and beating up Brett Kavanaugh. I believe these are the same bruises that I saw on Brett Kavanaugh’s face at the time of the sexual assault in Montgomery Village which I believe was around the weekend of August 24 or 25th of 1985. According to news reports Jeffery Catalan later changed his story around the same time that [person’s name redacted] tried to bribe me.


In one of my conversations with Tom Kane (around 1983) he said that Mark Judge was dating Laura Kane (Tom Kane’s half sister) and that is one of the reasons that they stayed at the Laura Kane house.  The other reason is that Tom Kane could visit his sisters and relatives.

Please note that both Brett Kavanaugh and Tom Kane have made sworn statements to congress basically saying that they have never been to Gaithersburg, don’t know any girls who live in Gaithersburg, and don’t know any girls who went to Gaithersburg High School. These are all lies told under oath to congress.


I suspect that the people involved in helping to cover-up Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assaults are doing it in order to blackmail him into deciding Federal and Supreme Court cases in a corrupt manner. I believe that every US citizen has already lost a lot of their freedom due to these corrupt actions and this needs to stop. I am writing to most of you because you hold governmental positions either in the State of Maryland or at the federal level where you can investigate these types of crimes and arrest the people who broke the law.


I have additional information that I haven’t included in this letter because it is getting too long. I was recently hospitalized for [redacted…] I wanted to be sure that you guys have the information in this letter in case something happens to me.

If you have any questions or concerns please call me at [phone number redacted] or email me at .[email address redacted]


Chris Baba