Evil Bible Quotes-April

Bible Quote for April 30

Death for Blasphemy

One day a man who had an Israelite mother and an Egyptian father got into a fight with one of the Israelite men.  During the fight, this son of an Israelite woman blasphemed the LORD’s name.  So the man was brought to Moses for judgment.  His mother’s name was Shelomith. She was the daughter of Dibri of the tribe of Dan.  They put the man in custody until the LORD’s will in the matter should become clear.  Then the LORD said to Moses, “Take the blasphemer outside the camp, and tell all those who heard him to lay their hands on his head.  Then let the entire community stone him to death.  Say to the people of Israel: Those who blaspheme God will suffer the consequences of their guilt and be punished.  Anyone who blasphemes the LORD’s name must be stoned to death by the whole community of Israel.  Any Israelite or foreigner among you who blasphemes the LORD’s name will surely die. (Leviticus 24:10-16 NLT)

Bible Quote for April 29

Hate Others

Now, our God, what shall we say after this?  For we have forsaken Your commandments, which You have commanded by Your servants the prophets, saying, “The land which you are entering to possess is an unclean land with the uncleanness of the peoples of the lands, with their abominations which have filled it from end to end and with their impurity.  So now do not give your daughters to their sons nor take their daughters to your sons, and never seek their peace or their prosperity, that you may be strong and eat the good things of the land and leave it as an inheritance to your sons forever.”  (Ezra 9:10-12 NAS)

Bible Quotes for April 28

No Mixed Marriages

But then the Jewish leaders came to me and said, “Many of the people of Israel, and even some of the priests and Levites, have not kept themselves separate from the other peoples living in the land. They have taken up the detestable practices of the Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians, and Amorites.  For the men of Israel have married women from these people and have taken them as wives for their sons.  So the holy race has become polluted by these mixed marriages.  To make matters worse, the officials and leaders are some of the worst offenders.”  (Ezra 9:1-2 NLT)

Bible Quote for April 27

Don’t Trim Your Beard

(The Lord Speaking) Do not clip your hair at the temples, nor trim the edges of your beard. (Leviticus 19:27 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 26

Kill People Who Don’t Listen to Priests

Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death.  Such evil must be purged from Israel.  (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)

Bible Quote for April 25

Beating Slaves is OK

The servant will be severely punished, for though he knew his duty, he refused to do it.  “But people who are not aware that they are doing wrong will be punished only lightly.  Much is required from those to whom much is given, and much more is required from those to whom much more is given.”  (Luke 12:47-48 NLT)

Bible Quotes for April 24

The Wrath of God

At the wrath of the Lord of hosts the land quakes, and the people are like fuel for fire; No man spares his brother, each devours the flesh of his neighbor. (Isaiah 9:18)

Bible Quote for April 23

God Hates Amalek

As a result, Joshua and his troops were able to crush the army of Amalek.  Then the LORD instructed Moses, “Write this down as a permanent record, and announce it to Joshua: I will blot out every trace of Amalek from under heaven.”  Moses built an altar there and called it “The LORD Is My Banner.”  He said, “They have dared to raise their fist against the LORD’s throne, so now the LORD will be at war with Amalek generation after generation.  (Exodus 17:13-16 NLT)

Bible Quotes for April 22

Kill Your Neighbors

(Moses) stood at the entrance to the camp and shouted, “All of you who are on the LORD’s side, come over here and join me.” And all the Levites came.  He told them, “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: Strap on your swords! Go back and forth from one end of the camp to the other, killing even your brothers, friends, and neighbors.”  The Levites obeyed Moses, and about three thousand people died that day.  Then Moses told the Levites, “Today you have been ordained for the service of the LORD, for you obeyed him even though it meant killing your own sons and brothers. Because of this, he will now give you a great blessing.”  (Exodus 32:26-29 NLT)

Bible Quote for April 21

Death to Followers of Other Religions

Whoever sacrifices to any god, except the Lord alone, shall be doomed.  (Exodus 22:19 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 20

Sacrifice First Born Sons to God

You shall not delay the offering of your harvest and your press.  You shall give me the first born of your sons.  You must do the same for your oxen and your sheep.  (Exodus 22:28-29 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 19

Jesus Steals Livestock

When they drew near Jerusalem and came to Bethphage on the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two disciples, saying to them, “Go into the village opposite you, and immediately you will find an ass tethered, and a colt with her.  Untie them and bring them here to me.  (Matthew 21:1-2 NAB)

Bible Quote for April 18

Men are in Charge

Give no woman power over you to trample upon your dignity.  (Sirach 9:2 NAB)

Bible Quote for April 17

Cities Destroyed by Fire

Every city and province, without exception, that does not observe this decree shall be ruthlessly destroyed with fire and sword, so that it will be left not merely untrodden by men, but even shunned by wild beasts and birds forever.  (Esther 8:24 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 16

Spreading the Word

And many of the peoples of the lands embraced Judaism, for they were seized with fear of the Jews. (Esther 8:17 NAB)

Bible Quote for April 15

Ritual Human Sacrifice

Note also that any one of his possessions which a man vows as doomed to the Lord, whether it is a human being or an animal, or a hereditary field, shall be neither sold nor ransomed; everything that is thus doomed becomes most sacred to the Lord.  All human beings that are doomed lose the right to be redeemed; they must be put to death.  (Leviticus 27:28-29 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 14

God’s Red Clothes

Why are your clothes so red, as if you have been treading out grapes?  “I have trodden the winepress alone; no one was there to help me.  In my anger I have trampled my enemies as if they were grapes.  In my fury I have trampled my foes.  It is their blood that has stained my clothes.  For the time has come for me to avenge my people, to ransom them from their oppressors.  I looked, but no one came to help my people.  I was amazed and appalled at what I saw.  So I executed vengeance alone; unaided, I passed down judgment.  I crushed the nations in my anger and made them stagger and fall to the ground.”  (Isaiah 63:2-6 NLT)

Bible Quote for April 13

Beat Fools and Arrogant People

Rods are prepared for the arrogant, and blows for the backs of fools.  (Proverbs 19:29 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 12

Praise for the Baby Killer

Who struck down the firstborn of Egypt, God’s love endures forever  (Psalm 136:10 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 11

God Inflicts Evil

For since with this city, which is called by my name, I begin to inflict evil, how can you possibly be spared?  You shall not be spared!  I will call down the sword upon all who inhabit the earth, says the Lord of hosts.  (Jeremiah 25:29 NAB)

Bible Quote for April 10

The Angel of Death

That night the angel of the Lord went forth and struck down one hundred and eighty five thousand men in the Assyrian camp.  Early the next morning, there they were, all the corpses of the dead.  (2 Kings 19:35 NAB)

Bible Quote for April 9

Kill Followers of Other Religions

Suppose a man or woman among you, in one of your towns that the LORD your God is giving you, has done evil in the sight of the LORD your God and has violated the covenant by serving other gods or by worshiping the sun, the moon, or any of the forces of heaven, which I have strictly forbidden.  When you hear about it, investigate the matter thoroughly. If it is true that this detestable thing has been done in Israel, then that man or woman must be taken to the gates of the town and stoned to death. (Deuteronomy 17:2-5 NLT)

Bible Quotes for April 8

Do Not Marry

Are you free of a wife?  Then do not look for a wife.  If you marry, however, you do not sin, nor does an unmarried woman sin if she marries; but such people will experience affliction in their earthly life, and I would like to spare you that.  (1 Corinthians 7:27-28 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 7


One of them, a prophet of their own, once said ‘Cretans [the people of Crete] have always been liars, vicious beasts, and lazy gluttons.’  That testimony is true.   (Titus 1:12-13 NAB)

Bible Quote for April 6

Kill Nonbelievers

They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.  (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 5

Mass Murder

The men of Israel withdrew through the territory of the Benjaminites, putting to the sword the inhabitants of the city, the livestock, and all they chanced upon.  Moreover they destroyed by fire all the cities they came upon.  (Judges 20:48 NAB)

Bible Quote for April 4

Death for Fornication

A priest’s daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death.  (Leviticus 21:9 NAB)

Bible Quotes for April 3

Moses Kills a Man

Many years later, when Moses had grown up, he went out to visit his people, the Israelites, and he saw how hard they were forced to work. During his visit, he saw an Egyptian beating one of the Hebrew slaves.  After looking around to make sure no one was watching, Moses killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand.  (Exodus 2:11-12 NLT)

Bible Quote for April 2

More Killing

You can be sure that the message of the LORD that was spoken concerning Ahab’s family will not fail. The LORD declared through his servant Elijah that this would happen.”  Then Jehu killed all of Ahab’s relatives living in Jezreel and all his important officials, personal friends, and priests. So Ahab was left without a single survivor.

Then Jehu set out for Samaria. Along the way, while he was at Beth-eked of the Shepherds, he met some relatives of King Ahaziah of Judah. “Who are you?” he asked them.And they replied, “We are relatives of King Ahaziah. We are going to visit the sons of King Ahab and the queen mother.”  “Take them alive!” Jehu shouted to his men. And they captured all forty-two of them and killed them at the well of Beth-eked. None of them escaped.

When Jehu left there, he met Jehonadab son of Recab, who was coming to meet him. After they had greeted each other, Jehu said to him, “Are you as loyal to me as I am to you?”  “Yes, I am,” Jehonadab replied.”If you are,” Jehu said, “then give me your hand.” So Jehonadab put out his hand, and Jehu helped him into the chariot.  Then Jehu said, “Now come with me, and see how devoted I am to the LORD.” So Jehonadab rode along with him.  When Jehu arrived in Samaria, he killed everyone who was left there from Ahab’s family, just as the LORD had promised through Elijah.  (2 Kings 10:10-17)

Bible Quote for April 1

God Kills an Extended Family

You have done more evil than all who lived before you.  You have made other gods and have made me furious with your gold calves.  And since you have turned your back on me, I will bring disaster on your dynasty and kill all your sons, slave or free alike.  I will burn up your royal dynasty as one burns up trash until it is all gone.  I, the LORD, vow that the members of your family who die in the city will be eaten by dogs, and those who die in the field will be eaten by vultures.'”  Then Ahijah said to Jeroboam’s wife, “Go on home, and when you enter the city, the child will die.  All Israel will mourn for him and bury him.  He is the only member of your family who will have a proper burial, for this child is the only good thing that the LORD, the God of Israel, sees in the entire family of Jeroboam.  And the LORD will raise up a king over Israel who will destroy the family of Jeroboam.  This will happen today, even now!  Then the LORD will shake Israel like a reed whipped about in a stream.  He will uproot the people of Israel from this good land that he gave their ancestors and will scatter them beyond the Euphrates River, for they have angered the LORD by worshiping Asherah poles.  He will abandon Israel because Jeroboam sinned and made all of Israel sin along with him.  (1 Kings 14:9-16 NLT)